Better than a List or a Guide!

West TN Resale was established to fill the void currently set by the three major resale mediums available to West TN and the surrounding areas. 

01Craigslist- Great if you live in the Jackson or Memphis area; however, if you're North of I-40 there really isn't an option until you hit Southeast Missouri, Middle Tennessee or Arkansas.

02Print Options - There are quite a few in this area; however, they're becoming a thing of the past. Updated weekly (at most), by the time you can get to the store and purchase one, the information may be out of date.

03Facebook - While growing in popularity, the limited search and categorization options have lead to the requirement of subscribing to dozens of different groups for the same area. You have to scroll FOREVER and if you're not in the right group, GOOD LUCK!

We don't charge individuals to post, we crosspost to our Facebook page (for those who insist on using it!), and we've got all the functionality of the other guys (and then some!).

Give West TN Resale a try!